Player of the Week vs. Westmoreland

Who was the Player of the Week vs. Westmoreland? (unofficial poll for entertainment purposes only)

4 Comments on “Player of the Week vs. Westmoreland

  1. Correction. I’m pretty sure #38 forced two fumbles not #39. Ethan Hoffman. I’m going to check the film. Thank you.

    • I will correct the poll, that’s just a mistake on my part. However, I have three officially – one to Hamilton on the sack, one to Hoffman recovered by the offense, and a really tough one in the third quarter that could honestly go either way. Wood hits him ball side but the collision is simultaneous with Hoffman as well. I don’t have the endzone copy but will have someone check it which should tell for sure. Thanks.

  2. Why are Linemen never considered players of the week or players to watch?

    • Hey Dana…we don’t do Players to Watch, but as for Players of the Week it’s an age-old football issue. Offensive linemen are hard to measure statistically which is how most polls are based. However defensive linemen have a great opportunity to have stats with tackles, sacks and more. We love our linemen at White House, they are the unsung heroes.

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