All-County First Team

news examinerThe Gallatin News Examiner/Hendersonville Star News All-County Football Team 2012

First team from White House: Offensive Player of the Year Grant Wicker (Sr.-TB), Chase Dunlap (Sr.-K), Micah Kelly (Sr.-OL), Zack Morris (Sr.-DL), Taylor Wood (Sr.-LB).

First Team: (See Full Team)

  • Player of the Year Jalen Hurd, Jr., TB, Beech
  • Offensive Player of the Year Grant Wicker, Sr., TB, White House
  • Defensive Player of the Year Lane Troutt, Sr., LB, Westmoreland
  • Quarterback Lincoln Kenitzer, Sr., Beech
  • Running Back Jaquell Fitts, Sr., Station Camp
  • Running Back Steven Johnson, Sr., Westmoreland
  • Running Back Anthony Lynch, Sr., Portland
  • Wide Receiver Brad Jarreau, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Wide Receiver Josh Malone, Jr., Station Camp
  • Tight End Dametris Watson, Sr., Beech
  • Placekicker Chase Dunlap, Sr., White House
  • Placekicker Kasey Kammerzell, Sr., Station Camp
  • Offensive Lineman Matt Hanson, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Offensive Lineman Micah Kelly, Sr., White House
  • Offensive Lineman Caleb McClanahan, Sr., Beech
  • Offensive Lineman Garrett Moore, Sr., Portland
  • Offensive Lineman Brandon West, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Athlete Heath Johnson, Sr., Beech
  • Athlete Gunnar Scholato, Jr., Pope John Paul II
  • Athlete Ryker Tope, Jr., Station Camp
  • All-Purpose Player Darian Banks, Sr., Gallatin
  • All-Purpose Player Alec Meadows, Sr., Beech
  • Defensive Lineman Corey Deboe, Sr., Gallatin
  • Defensive Lineman Dustin Duffer, Jr., Westmoreland
  • Defensive Lineman Chad Dye, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Defensive Lineman Zach Morris, Sr., White House
  • Defensive Lineman Taylor Podany, Sr., Beech
  • Linebacker Christopher Carroll, Sr., Beech
  • Linebacker Jordan Freeman, Sr., Portland
  • Linebacker Ryan Ward, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Linebacker Taylor Wood, Jr., White House
  • Defensive Back Colt Cupit, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Defensive Back Austin Griggs, Jr., Portland
  • Defensive Back Spencer Hodge, Sr., Westmoreland
  • Defensive Back Marcus Williams, Sr., Gallatin
  • Punter Addison Hart, Sr., Hendersonville

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