WH unveils plan to install blue turf

White House High School football has announced plans to replace the indoor practice turf in The Burr Building with new field turf in 2013, along with a slight floor extension to the weight room of four feet (just floor space, no building addition).

The new turf is out for bid, but a rendering shows blue turf similar to the color scheme at Boise State University.

The turf will be used for indoor workouts and practice, and contain two sidelines with one set of hash marks and yard markers at the 50 and both 40s. Pre-set workout drills and ladder markings will also be placed on the turf along with a centered logo.

The facelift on the building turf will replace the existing turf, the former of which is AstroTurf brand and came from an arena football franchise when first installed. Worn seams and wear and tear have resulted in a needed replacement.

For more about this project, check back here as we unveil the cost and fundraising options including this year’s steal supper and auction, the largest fundraiser of the White House Quarterback Club.

This project is not school-budget sponsored and will be paid for by the WH QB Club and project fundraising.


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