Want to watch previous seasons of WH football? Find out more!


White House football is providing fans and alumni the opportunity to watch previous seasons of White House football games online through the Hudl video network used by WHHS and many athletic organizations.

Currently, White House has 1993, 2012, and 2010 seasons available and are completing 1989 and the state championship season of 1997.

While you can go to hudl.com find out more, you can get a special discounted rate through the White House football access link for $35.00 per year to have full access to every game posted online by the program.

To get information on how to sign up, here are the steps:

1. Send an email asking for Hudl sign up info to ryan.hamilton@sumnerschools.org

2. Follow the instructions to sign up and pay once you receive the link from Coach Hamilton.

One final note, do not sign up individually at Hudl if you want to receive the discounted rate. Please email the coach.

Look for a poll today to vote on which two seasons are next!

Go Blue Devils

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