Blue Turf installation coming, Devils ready for 2013

ImageBy Kris Freeman for The White House Tribune

WHITE HOUSE — Following the dead period of no contact and workouts, the White House High School football team is returning to the field house with a new look in preparation for the 2013 season.

Workouts resumed Monday, but the installation of brand new “White House blue” field turf at the Burr Building provides a facelift for the indoor practice facility. After a huge turnout and support from the Robert Covington Steak Supper, and fundraising efforts throughout the year, the team replaced the former artificial turf and embarked on a number of additional projects.

Those still in the works include new rubber mats for the weight room, which is housed in the same facility, and a painting facelift for the weights themselves.

Patrick Remke of Precision Sports Fields in Nashville begins the process of installing the new synthetic field turf Thursday, a rubber-backed surface used by many college and professional teams. The turf will provide indoor practice ability for the Blue Devils of 50 yards, complete with hash marks, an endzone, yard lines and workout ladders and drills already painted into the turf. The highlight is a script “WH” logo in the center.

“This is going to be an exciting day for us,” said White House head coach Jeff Porter. “Then, we will have Legends Equipment of Knoxville come in to complete the installation of the rubber floor on July 15-16. The return of 65 pieces of painted weight equipment will be on Wednesday, July 17 and hopefully be back and installed by Friday.”

Parents are encouraged to help with a work day on Saturday, July 20.

“For those that are handy at putting equipment back together such as machines, benches, cables, upholstery, we will need them,” Porter said. “We did not have the parent day before the steak supper in May, so we will also be doing a general cleaning of the fieldhouse.


“The goal is for the facility to be fully back to normal on Monday, July 22,” he added. “At that point, the White House Quarterback Club will announce and host an open house for the community to see what their efforts have accomplished from the spring fundraising.”

The entire building was repainted in March, and John Day of Day Upholstering replaced all the upholstery on the weight equipment. Joey Tate of Tate Ornamental donated two lifts to make sure the painting event could be completed, especially along huge ceiling structures in the indoor facility where live practices are held in inclement weather.

This weekend, the players will jump into fundraising action again with the card blitz, to sell Blue Devil Discount Cards, featuring many local business deals and discounts in the White House area. The goal of the sale is 1,572 cards on Saturday when players will be canvassing the community from 8 a.m. until noon. Last year, the program sold 1,700 cards, and proceeds from the cards will pay for rubber-coated dumb bells in the renovated weight room.

The Blue Devils will hit practices and scrimmages as August begins and prepare for a week one home game against Portland on August 31 at Dewey H. Whitson Stadium in White House City Park.

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