Robertson Co Times: White House game deserves local venue

By Eric Miller, Editor of The Robertson County Times

When the football schedules for the upcoming season were released, the first-ever game between White House and White House Heritage jumped out at me as something special. Imagine my surprise when the big announcement came last week to move the game to Vanderbilt’s stadium and squander a wonderful opportunity. What would have been a sold-out, packed stadium in White House that promised to be crackling with the energy of a fresh and interesting rivalry will now be drowned in a sea of empty Vandy stadium seats. What would have been a roaring crowd at a high school field will be lost in the expanse of a college stadium…READ MORE

2 Comments on “Robertson Co Times: White House game deserves local venue

  1. As a season ticket holder to White House Blue Devils, Vanderbilt Commodores, Tennessee Titans, and Dallas Cowboys. I am very excited for the move to Vanderbilt. I will start tailgating on Thursday afternoon for the Blue Devils game then go to my seat for the Vandy game on Saturday, then go across town for the Sunday noon game at LP field, and last but not least hop a plane to Dallas for the seven PM game of the Cowboys!! Go Blue Devils! Timmy

  2. You can thank the city park. It’s not necessarily a move to Vandy due to the ‘rivalry’ of the game or the ‘energy’ it will produce. It’s definitely a big game for both schools and residents of White House no matter where the game is at. If you’re really that tore up about the move, as your writing seems to appear, then make a call to the city and ask what the real reasoning is behind the game being held at Vandy.

    Go Blue!!

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