Poll: Best Game in last 30 Years?

stadiumbanner.jpgOutside of the 1997 state championship victory against Memphis Melrose, we have selected some memorable games in the past 30 years at White House High School. You can pick three – what is the best game to you? If we left a great game out, leave us a comment and tell us about it!


3 Comments on “Poll: Best Game in last 30 Years?

  1. Hope blue devils will have a historic game to vote on from this season. Perhaps a undefeated season. These seniors have the heart and drive to win. I’ve watched most of them play for coach Rod to coach Brad to finally seniors. I really believe this is the year to win state.

    • Im with ya on that! Ive been with them from the start too. I remember when they were in middle school and people talked about what a great team we’d have their Senior year!! I believe they can do it!! And I believe we WILL beat Portland tonight!!! BDP!! GO BLUE!!

  2. How about the first time we beat Portland 14-13 in 1984 after a 99 yd drive in the fourth quarter.

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