One thought on “CODE BLUE – Lexington at White House

  1. It really upsets me that we always fill the stands plus some for our boys’ games but we have THE QUIETEST fans!!! Our boys need to know we are rooting for them from kick off til after the timer hits zero!!! It pumps them up so much and puts a fire in their hearts to perform their best when they can hear that WE BELIEVE IN THEM!! So let your guards down! Don’t worry about what the people around you think!!! (Because they should be letting it rip too!!) and PLEASE WHITE HOUSE BLUE DEVIL FANS!!!!! LET YOUR BDP SHOW!!! LET YOUR BLOOD RUN BLUE!! LETS CHEER LOUD AND PROUD THE ENTIRE GAME AND AFTER!!! Whether we win or lose, and we WILL win!! Let our boys know we are behind them no matter how they perform. Even when a play doesn’t go well!!! CHEER CHEER CHEER!! GO BLUE!!! BDP BABY!!

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