Breaking News: School Board approves stadium agreement, moves to County Commission

The Sumner County Board of Education voted 10-1 Tuesday night to proceed with the agreement with the City of White House to acquire Dewey H. Whitson Stadium inside of White House City Park, which would be deeded to Sumner County Schools.

The next step is the approval of the County Commission and if approved, the stadium would become the property of Sumner County Schools. The City of White House would continue to own and operate White House Municipal Park surrounding the stadium, with easements provided and agreed upon for access to the stadium.

The proposal has been approved by the City of White House and the Sumner County Board of Education.

Click here for the agenda packet.

Dec 03, 2013 – Regular Meeting
Category New Business
Subject Discussion and/or action regarding agreements with the city of White House
Type Action
Recommended Action
Director recommends approval

Motion to accept agreement

Motion by Beth Cox, second by Vanessa Silkwood.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries
Yea: Vanessa Silkwood, Tim Brewer, Beth Cox, Janet Arnold, Nancy Glover, Andy Daniels, Glen Gregory, David Brown, Don Long
Nay: Ted Wise

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