Connection: Sumner County School Board takes up football stadium issue tonight

By Gretchen Grant for The White House Connection

An important discussion will take place tonight at the Sumner County School Board meeting, regarding the future of the White House High School football stadium. The city of White House, the Sumner County School Board and the Sumner County Commission are attempting to come to an agreement about who will attain ownership of the Dewey H. Whitson Stadium. Currently the city of White House owns the stadium, but is willing to sell it to Sumner County for $1.

Although this deal might seem cut and dry on paper, the devil is in the details. The city of White House purchased the property that now houses the stadium and the White House Municipal Park, which sits in Robertson County. As part of the original agreement the city is required to allow Sumner County schools access to the athletic facilities forevermore, maintain the facility, pay for liability insurance and pay for all utility costs, which they have, to a certain extent.

“We (city) have been maintaining it, but maybe not at the level they (county) would maintain it if it was their own,” said city administrator Gerald Herman. “My feeling was if they took ownership of it they would have more pride in it and they would fix it the way they wanted to.”…READ MORE

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