News Examiner: All-County 2013 Team Announced

news examinerThe News Examiner released the 2013 All-County High School football team on December 25, 2013. The players from White House are as follows, followed by the entire team.

First Team – Josh Mullins, Corey Cantrell, Alex Lyon, Dillon Anderson, Taylor Wood, Bailey Burns. Second Team – Alex Felts, Wesley James, Wyatt Bailey. Honorable Mention – Kyle Cantrell, Tyler Ellis, Ryan Pool, Denis Schaffer, Lane Spivey, James Whitby.

Player of the Year Josh Malone, Sr., WR-DB, Station Camp

Offensive Player of the Year Kyle Anderton, Jr., Station Camp

Defensive Player of the Year Brad Evans, Jr., Westmoreland

First Team


  • Quarterback Clay Carnes, Sr., Gallatin
  • Running Back Dorian Carter, Sr., Beech
  • Running Back Eric Debow, Sr., Gallatin
  • Running Back Corey Jones, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Wide Receiver DeDarius Redding, Jr., Gallatin
  • Wide Receiver Josh Mullins, Jr., White House
  • Tight End Elias Hackert, Sr., Gallatin
  • Tight End Austin Hayes, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Offensive Lineman Daniel Al-Nimri, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Offensive Lineman Corey Cantrell, Sr., White House
  • Offensive Lineman Ruben Iacob, Sr., Beech
  • Offensive Lineman Chris Kacprowski, Jr., Hendersonville
  • Offensive Lineman Nico Mays, Sr., Gallatin
  • Offensive Lineman Bryson Nash, Sr., Station Camp
  • Athlete Bryant Dowlen, Sr., Portland
  • Athlete Alex Lyon, Sr., White House
  • All-Purpose Player Hunter Apple, Jr., Pope John Paul II
  • All-Purpose Player Cameron Turner, Jr., Hendersonville
  • Placekicker Dillon Anderson, Jr., White House


  • Defensive End/Lineman Peyton Anderton, Soph., Station Camp
  • Defensive End/Lineman Tucker Been, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Defensive End/Lineman Ryan Langford, Sr., Station Camp
  • Defensive End/Lineman Anthony Tate, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Defensive End/Lineman Lucas Ward, Sr., Westmoreland
  • Defensive End/Lineman Tony Zaffore, Sr., Station Camp
  • Linebacker Ti’ron Dalton, Jr., Gallatin
  • Linebacker Gunnar Franks, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Linebacker Gunnar Scholato, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Linebacker Ryker Tope, Sr., Station Camp
  • Linebacker Taylor Wood, Sr., White House
  • Defensive Back Austin Griggs, Sr., Portland
  • Defensive Back Kourtney Hawkins, Sr., Beech
  • Defensive Back Braden Schwerdt, Jr., Hendersonville
  • Defensive Back Jay Wright, Sr., Westmoreland
  • Athlete Parker Henry, Sr., Beech
  • Athlete Tre’ Malone, Jr., Station Camp
  • All-Purpose Player Bailey Burns, Sr., White House
  • Punter Cory Coggins, Sr., Gallatin

Second Team


  • Quarterback: Jeremias Elston, Jr., Hendersonville
  • Running Back: Alex Felts, Sr., White House
  • Running Back: Josh Gilley, Jr., Station Camp
  • Running Back: Quar’Derius Hunter, Soph., Pope John Paul II
  • Wide Receiver: Austin Lackey, Sr., Station Camp
  • Tight End: Wesley James, Sr., White House
  • Offensive Lineman: Emilio Almendarez, Sr., Portland
  • Offensive Lineman: Wyatt Bailey, Sr., White House
  • Offensive Lineman: Jacob Barber, Jr., Gallatin
  • Offensive Lineman: Chris King, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Offensive Lineman: Reggie Marshall, Sr., Pope John Paul II
  • Athlete: Parker Campbell, Jr., Beech
  • Athlete: Justice Graves, Jr., Westmoreland
  • All-Purpose Player: Jack Towe, Soph., Hendersonville
  • Placekicker: Jackson Morris, Soph., Pope John Paul II


  • Defensive End/Lineman: Lou Alexander, Sr., Beech
  • Defensive End/Lineman: Tre’ Bass, Sr., Gallatin
  • Defensive End/Lineman: Alex Freedle, Sr., Portland
  • Defensive End/Lineman: Luke Hall, Jr., Westmoreland
  • Defensive End/Lineman: Tate Overstreet, Sr., Gallatin
  • Linebacker: Josh McCullough, Sr., Hendersonville
  • Linebacke:r Jalen Rogan, Sr., Gallatin
  • Linebacker: Jacob Throneberry, Jr., Hendersonville
  • Linebacker: Treston Wright, Jr., Beech
  • Defensive Back: Ty Chilcutt, Sr., Station Camp
  • Defensive Back: Phillip Frazier, Sr., Station Camp
  • Defensive Back: Donnell Hathaway, Jr., Beech
  • Defensive Back: Jake Perry, Jr., Westmoreland
  • Athlete:: Devonta House, Soph., Portland
  • All-Purpose Player: Dustin Duffer, Sr., Westmoreland
  • Punter: Hunter Williams, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Honorable Mention

  • Darrin Akins, Jr., TB, Westmoreland
  • Todd Akins, Sr., OL, Portland
  • Kaleb Anderson, Sr., OL, Westmoreland
  • Kerry Barr, Sr., FB-LB, Gallatin
  • Kyle Cantrell, Jr., OL, White House
  • Lucas Carr, Jr., OL, Westmoreland
  • Jacob Catignani, Jr., WR-DB, Pope John Paul II
  • Bryce DeGuira, Jr., PK-P, Hendersonville
  • Drew Douglas, Jr., TE-DE, Portland
  • Tyler Ellis, Sr., DB, White House
  • Trevor Fleming, Sr., FB-LB, Beech
  • Patrick French, Sr., FB-LB, Westmoreland
  • Carson Garrett, Jr., PK, Beech
  • Michael Hardy, Jr., SE, Portland
  • Jordan Harper, Sr., RB-DB, Gallatin
  • Jacari Head, Jr., WR-DB, Gallatin
  • Jordan Holmes, Jr., DL, Westmoreland
  • Rodney Jamerson, Sr., DL, Hendersonville
  • Austin Janco, Jr., DB, Station Camp
  • Malik Maxwell, Jr. LB, Portland
  • Dylan Nash, Sr., OL-DL, Station Camp
  • Dillon Norton, Jr., WR-DB, Beech
  • Thomas O’Berry, Jr., WR-LB, Pope John Paul II
  • Aaron Pacenka, Jr., OL-LB, Beech
  • Win Phillips, Jr., OL, Hendersonville
  • Ryan Pool, Sr., QB, White House
  • Max Rodgers, Jr., OL, Beech
  • Denis Schaffer, Soph., DB, White House
  • Bryson Shaw, Soph., PK, Station Camp
  • Lane Spivey, Sr., DL, White House
  • Tyler Trammel, Jr., OL-DE, Portland
  • James Whitby, Soph., OL, White House
  • Austin Whitmer, Sr., SE-LB, Pope John Paul II

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