Connection partners with local radio for high school coverage

By Jeremy Adcock for The White House Connection

The Connection is excited to announce a partnership with Lightning Broadcasting LLC, the operator of WSGI 1100 and WDBL 1590 for local sports coverage in the upcoming year.

“Currently, we are in the beginning stages of working with the radio station with talks going on about programming and sports coverage in the upcoming year,” Connection sports editor Jeremy Adcock explained. “One of the goals at The Connection is to give the best sports coverage in the area and adding the medium of radio to the current newspaper and website is the next step.”

The two Lightning Broadcasting ran radio stations are the only radio stations in Robertson County and have broadcasted local games in the past with most Springfield home game on air. The Connection looks to give extra manpower and creative ideas for the upcoming season but do not currently have a schedule in place.

As more details are determined for the upcoming radio coverage including a possible local sports show and high school play by play coverage and will be released as soon as they are determined.

“Fall sports season is the perfect time for us to expand into radio coverage with a whole new year and new crop of athletes coming this year,” Adcock said. “We hope to get some sort of sports show on air that can involve the local coaches and athletes in getting more media attention. We hope that you will be willing to give our upcoming sports programming a shot and listen to these local Robertson County radio stations.”

Stay tuned to The Connection’s twitter and Facebook pages in the upcoming weeks for more information about radio coverage and what games will be broadcasted on local radio.

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  1. I graduated in 1994 from White House High. Im also apart of our first annual Alumni game. I would like to invite you to the Portland field on August 30th at 7 pm, to support BDP…
    If yall have Questions dont hesitate to email me…. thanks for your time…

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