News Examiner: Portland-WH region rivalry to return in 2015?

portland countdownBy Chris Brooks for The News Examiner


Projected Region 5-4A

  1. Livingston Academy
  2. Macon County
  3. Maplewood
  4. Portland
  5. White House
  6. Whites Creek

In the current format, each district splits into two different classifications for playoff purposes. Class AAA teams are divided into Class 5A and 6A in the playoffs. Class AA teams go to the 3A and 4A playoffs, and Class A teams move on to the 1A and 2A playoffs. Portland is one of the smaller AAA schools. The Panthers are projected to be in a region along with rival White House, which should remain in Class 4A as it currently is. Other region foes could include Livingston Academy, Macon County, Maplewood and Whites Creek. “I think it’s the right thing to do, because it’s going to allow that we are always playing 4A teams in our district,” Cavanah said. “We can figure out the playoff system … that’s another positive.”

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