White House 10th in State in Consecutive Quarterfinal Appearances

whitehousehelmet14Courtesy of Donovan Stewart at Examiner.com:

List of Current Consecutive Quarterfinal Playoff Appearances
1. Maryville-18 (1997-current)
2. Alcoa-15 (2000-current)
2. MUS-15 (2000-current)
4. St. George’s-10 (2005-current)
5. Ensworth-8 (2007-current)
5. MBA-8 (2007-current)
7. Baylor-6 (2009-current)
7. ECS-6 (2009-current)
7. Knoxville Webb-6 (2009-current)
10. CAK-5 (2010-current)
10. Coalfield-5 (2010-current)
10. Ridgeway-5 (2010-current)
10. White House-5 (2010-current)
14. Adamsville-4 (2011-current)
14. CPA-4 (2011-current)
14. Fulton-4 (2011-current)
17. Grace Christian Academy-3 (2012-current)
17. Marion County-3 (2012-current)
17. Nashville Christian-3 (2012-current)
17. Trezevant-3 (2012-current)
21. BGA-2 (2013-current)
21. Blackman-2 (2013-current)
21. Columbia Academy-2 (2013-current)
21. Henry County-2 (2013-current)
21. Knoxville West-2 (2013-current)
21. Notre Dame-2 (2013-current)
21. Oakland-2 (2013-current)
21. Trousdale County-2 (2013-current)
21. Union City-2 (2013-current)

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