Heritage vs. WH to start 2015 season

The White House Heritage Patriots and the White House Blue Devils will open the 2015 season in week one. Week one is the new name of week zero.

The two teams are no longer in the same region. This game will be an official non-region game. The game location is to be announced but White House is the home team.

For the first time, White House will have an off week late in the 11-week schedule. The off week will be week eight which should precede fall break for Sumner County (unofficial).

Here is the complete schedule by week. Dates will be announced at a later time:

1. White House Heritage (Home)
2. Goodpasture (Away)
3. Portland (Home-Region)
4. Greenbrier (Away)
5. Springfield (Home-Region)
6. Sycamore (Away)
7. Macon County (Away-Region)
8. Bye Week
9. Pearl-Cohn (Home-Region)
10. Page (Home)
11. Maplewood (Away-Region)

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