2014 Season Stats and all Box Scores

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.22.56 PMThe final and official season stats for White House High School Football for team and individual, and box scores from all 13 games. Links contain PDFs for printable copy. Stats are the property of White House High School and may not be retransmitted without permission. Official stats by Kris Freeman.

  1. Portland 35-6
  2. Greenbrier 32-18
  3. Lipscomb Academy 37-35
  4. Sycamore 38-18
  5. Springfield 8-39
  6. White House Heritage 6-15
  7. Harpeth 35-0
  8. Westmoreland 7-14
  9. Cheatham County 56-7
  10. Pope John Paul II 41-42 (OT)
  11. Creek Wood 35-0
  12. Giles County 39-21
  13. Pearl-Cohn 36-79

Note: Occasionally, box scores will have glitches or stat abnormalities from the app used to score the game. These stats are corrected in season totals.

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