Muldoon, Willoughby join the coaching staff at WHHS

By Zach Womble for The White House Connection

WHITE HOUSE – White House High School has hired two new coaches to help out on both sides of the ball this upcoming fall.

Head coach Jeff Porter announced that Evan Muldoon will coach the wide receivers, defensive backs and help with the return teams.

Cory Willoughby will help Coach Mike Settle with the offensive and defensive lines.

Muldoon is a graduate of Grand Valley State University in Michigan where he was a kicker and spent time at tight end. Muldoon then earned his master’s degree from the University of Michigan in Educational Studies.

Muldoon spent the last two years at Fort Pierce Central High School (FL). He will teach English this year at White House.

“Everything is going great right now,” stated Muldoon. “I was hired about a month ago and the coaches and kids have been very welcoming to me. White House is super awesome. The people here treat everyone with respect and I am so blessed to work with Coach Porter and Mr. Langford. I feel like I have been here for a year or two already. It has been really great.”

What brought Muldoon all the way from Florida?

“Well I was looking to move to the area, so I started looking at schools that were hiring, saw an opening for a teaching and coaching position and applied. It’s a really funny story. Coach Porter called me two hours later, and for the first five minutes of the interview, I think I was asleep,” Muldoon said with a laugh.

Muldoon says the kids have made the transition very easy.

“The kids have been awesome and they are very eager to learn,” he said. “Their drive to take the program to the next level is unmatched.

“It really has started with our great senior leadership. They are very vocal guys, especially in the weight room. They show the younger kids the expectations and it makes our job much easier.”

Willoughby has spent his last two seasons at White House Middle School where he coached wide receivers and defensive backs.

Willoughby is a recent graduate of Cumberland University.

“I played offensive line at Cumberland so I’ll be helping coach Settle on the offensive and defensive lines,” said Willoughby. “Coming out of college I always wanted to get to the high school level. Coach Porter called me the Saturday after school let out and I accepted immediately.”

Willoughby admits that it was difficult to leave the middle school but says there is nothing like high school football.

“There is a lot more time and more rewards with the kids,” said Willoughby. “It gives us a chance to give them more in terms of football. They are getting into adulthood and being able to spend time with them is invaluable”

Willoughby says he is replacing a great coach from last season but believes he can bring an added bonus to the team.

“A lot of what we did in college we will be doing this season,” said Willoughby. “I am fresh out of college and closer to their age, maybe I can relate to them a little easier, not to say other coaches couldn’t.”

Willoughby stated that the best thing about the coaching staff was the feel of family.

“It’s like a brotherhood here,” said Willoughby. “There is a sense of loyalty here. All the coaches hang out with one another and it’s just a great place to work.”

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