WH Football Banquet Live Awards (Refresh for updates)

2:30 pm – Opening remarks by Coach Porter

2:35 pm – Recognition of sponsors, support staff by Coach Porter

2:40 pm – Freshman Awards:

Freshman Offensive Player of the Year – Cameron Casanova #18

Freshman Defensive Player of the Year – Ethan Rainey #38

Freshman MVP – Andrew Nixon #6

2:45 pm – Academic Award Lukas Hodges #54

Citizens Award – winner Chris Callis, WHQB Club President

WHQB Club Award – winner Daniel Rutherford

2:50 pm – Team Awards

Eric Blaylock Sportsmanship Award – Angel Bonilla #56

Defensive Back Award – Denis Schaffer #33

Defensive Line Award – Logan Trimmer #12

Scout Team Award – Tyler Ridings #64

Offensive Back Award – Trey Hyde #23

Offensive Line Award – Austin Hoffman #68

Gourley Award – Steven Rankin #10

Most Valuable Player – Luke Hopkins #13

Sully Award by Cody and Cory Sullins – Steven Rankin #10

Team Captains – Steven Rankin #10 and Denis Schaffer #33

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