2016 WH Official Stats – and a Message to Our Fans!

View the official 2016 White House Football Team and Individual Stats here…

A message to our fans – Hey Blue Devil faithful! Thanks for supporting our young men for the 2016 season. They will celebrate Sunday with the 2016 football banquet. I have been keeping stats for WH Football for 20 years. Unfortunately, while I was honored to serve as the Voice of the Blue Devils for this season, I also faced a major surgery during the middle of the year and was not able to keep stats and the website updated for the program.

I want to say a big thanks to the students and volunteers who kept stats for the team. Unfortunately, due to an incident beyond our control, all data for the 2016 was lost from the football program and there were no backups. The data was gone before season stats were tabulated. The info is simply gone – both paper and electronic files.

Now that the season is complete, I have spent the last week recreating the 2016 stats for our boys from game film. This is a TOUGH TASK with no notes, game clock or descriptions of stuff that happens between plays. But I think this is the best copy we could provide you. This is one of the hardest projects I have ever worked on, but thank you for letting me serve the school and these fantastic young men. I’m going to be training some people to help next year so we have a better system in place and I look forward to being back in the press box in 2017.

Thanks for being patient with us and as always, Blue Devil Pride.

Kris Freeman – White House Football


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