News Examiner: 2016 All-County Football Team

By Chris Brooks for The News Examiner

The 2016 All-County Football Team as selected by members of The Gallatin News Examiner staff, a division of Gannett Inc. and The Tennessean.

Player of the Year: Jordan Mason, Sr., RB, Gallatin

Offensive Player of the Year: Ben Brooks, Sr., QB, Pope John Paul II

Defensive Player of the Year: Lucas James, Sr., LB, Westmoreland

First team offense

Quarterback       Tyler Thompson, Sr., Station Camp

Running back      Alex Vanzant, Sr., Beech

Running back      Anthony Hughes, Jr., Hendersonville

Fullback               Latrell Owens, Sr., Beech

Wide receiver     Marcus DeVault, Sr., Gallatin

Wide receiver     C.J. Laws, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Wide receiver     Jett Frost, Sr., Station Camp

Tight end             Jordan Amis, Sr., Hendersonville

Offensive line     Tyriek Lee, Sr., Beech

Offensive line     Daly Cull, Sr., Hendersonville

Offensive line     Nick Scott, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Offensive line     Archellous Turner, Jr., Gallatin

Offensive line     Robert Smith, Sr., Station Camp

Placekicker         David Johnson, Beech

All-purpose         Michael Iacob, Sr., Beech

All-purpose         Luke Carver, Sr., Hendersonville

All-purpose         Seth Bumbalough, Jr., White House

Athlete                 Dezmond Chambers, Sr., Gallatin

Athlete                 Jalon Cambridge, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Athlete                 Jamaal Thompson, Sr., Pope John Paul II

First team defense

Defensive line     Brad Montgomery, Sr., Beech

Defensive line     Emmitt Richardson, Sr., Hendersonville

Defensive line     Jack Schumacher, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Defensive line     LaMarious Majors, Sr., Gallatin

Linebacker          Johnny Waters, Jr., Gallatin

Linebacker          Drew Bledsoe, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Linebacker          Malachi Rogan, Sr., Station Camp

Linebacker          Heath Crabtree, Beech

Defensive back   Ty Dean, Beech

Defensive back   Wyatt Hayes, Sr., Gallatin

Defensive back   Weston Schwerdt, Hendersonville

Defensive back   Chris Bell, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Punter                  Drake Vanatta, Portland

Second team offense

Quarterback       Brett Coker, Jr., Hendersonville

Running back     Chaz Williamson, Sr., Beech

Running back      Kaemon Dunlap, Jr., Station Camp

Running back      Hunter Crowson, Sr., Westmoreland

Fullback               Matt Heatherly, Sr., Station Camp

Wide receiver     Pace Dempsey, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Wide receiver     Michael Hussey, Sr., Portland

Tight end             Danny Stout, Sr., White House

Offensive line     Brandon Dove, Jr., Hendersonville

Offensive line     Coby Neal, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Offensive line     Austin Hoffman, Sr., White House

Offensive line     Ryan York, Sr., Westmoreland

Offensive line     Dawson Bumbalough, Sr., White House

Placekicker          Ayden Curd, Jr., Station Camp

All-purpose         Emmanuel Johnson, Sr., Portland

Second team defense

Defensive line     Brandon Butler, Sr., Hendersonville

Defensive line     Austin Halas, Soph., Hendersonville

Defensive line     Dalton Smallwood, Sr., Portland

Defensive line     Tiyler Watson, Sr., Westmoreland

Defensive line     Zack Taylor, Sr., Beech

Linebacker          Reggie Harris, Sr., Hendersonville

Linebacker          Cameron Scott, Sr., Pope John Paul II

Linebacker          Hunter Scholato, Sr., Station Camp

Linebacker          Jalen Porter, Jr., Gallatin

Linebacker          C.J. Mullins, Sr., Gallatin

Defensive back   Sirtavious Perry, Jr., Station Camp

Defensive back   Cody Eakle, Jr., Westmoreland

Defensive back   Connor Holder, Sr., White House

Defensive back   Chris Peach, Sr., Beech

Honorable mention

Frank Adams, Sr., LB, Beech

Jordan Adams, Jr., OL, Beech

Christian Bozeman, Sr., TE-LB, Hendersonville

Ryan Brewster, Jr., LB, Portland

Cameron Casanova, Soph., WR, White House

Chase Dowell, Sr., WR-P-DB, Gallatin

Simon Freeman, Sr., LB, Station Camp

Corey Gardner, Sr., RB-DB, Westmoreland

Colby Jackson, Soph., OL, White House

Derek Kincaid, Soph., RB-DB, Hendersonville

Shaun McKinley, Sr., WR, Station Camp

Collin Minor, Jr., QB, Gallatin

Ty Moore, Jr., TE, Beech

Cody Moyer, Sr., DL, Pope John Paul II

Ethan Rainey, Soph., LB, White House

Shy Rickman, Jr., FB, Gallatin

Zach Scott, Sr., LB, Pope John Paul II

Tate Sloan, Soph., LB, Westmoreland

Ryan Smith, Sr., LB, Portland

Elijah Zweydorff, Jr., OL, White House

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