Stadium Clean-Up and Work Day Saturday, Aug. 12th

stadiumbanner.jpgFrom the White House Quarterback Club:

There will be a work day and clean-up day at Dewey H. Whitson Stadium on Saturday to prepare for the home opener next Friday. Here is a list of projects to be completed. Volunteers are needed to help!

Clean Up Day at the Stadium will start at 8:00 AM tomorrow, Sat the 12th and will need help with the following things:

*Please bring any tools or equipment with you*

  • Clean out locker rooms, pressure wash visitors locker room (pressure washing is now being done by a professional, so we don’t need a volunteer for that spot)
  • clean out referee rooms, urinals, toilets, mirrors and toilets need to be cleaned along with pictures being pledged
  • mowing
  • weed eating around game field fence, bleachers, sign schedules at the top
  • Blue Devil Hut set up
  • Press box clean up on the home and visitors side
  • Hanging of Banners on the fence with zip ties
  • Rehanging of 3 yard markers on the fence with zip ties
  • Need a metal detector to find the five yard valve heads in the ground for the marking of the field.
  • Equipment room under the visitors stands which has all of our field equipment in it needs to be organized, pylons wiped down, sideline vest to be washed.
  • Any touch up blue painting in the stadium.
  • The entrance sign at the bottom has a letter missing, also flowers need to be planted around the sign.
  • The home locker room has been set up with the benches as they are to be. DO NOT MOVE BENCHES. The players have assigned seats for pre game, halftime and post games. However, the sink, toilet and urinal needs to be cleaned along with the white board.
  • Paint the goal posts with neon paint.
  • Check the lights that shine on the sponsorship boards


Leah Hodges

White House Blue Devil QB Club Secretary

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