Devils remain 4th overall in scoring defense, state-wide

White House is fourth overall in all classifications in total scoring defense at 8.2 points per game through nine contests. The Devils have allowed 74 points for the entire season.

Best Defense (Points per Game)
Mt. Juliet 2.6/9
Whitwell 5.6/9
Whitehaven 6.7/9
White House 8.2/9
Jo Byrns 9.0/9
Raleigh Egypt 9.2/9
Huntingdon 9.7/10
Happy Valley 10.0/9
Friendship Christian 10.2/9
Johnson County 10.2/9
Greeneville 10.3/9
Austin-East 10.7/9
Brentwood Academy 10.8/8
Anderson County 10.9/9
South Pittsburg 10.9/9
BGA 11.3/9
Beech 11.3/9
Meigs County 11.4/9
Westwood 11.6/9
Oakland 11.7/9

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