Bowling: Frensley bowls perfect game

By Glavine Day for The Connection

Frensley bowls perfect 300 over Heritage

HENDERSONVILLE – White House junior and right-handed bowler Michael Frensley bowled the game of his life against Heritage on Nov. 6 when he knocked down all 120 pins for his second 300 game. It was his first perfect game in competition.

“I wasn’t really keeping up with it, but at about the ninth frame I just started to get the jitters and think ‘Oh, there might be a chance,” Frensley said. “Then it was the 10th frame and it got even closer. On my last shot, I just made sure I kept my hand under the ball, then I watched it and really hoped it went in. It was awesome and it was even more awesome that I had my teammates there with me to watch me do it and support me through the whole game.

The Blue Devils bowling team is now 9-0 on the season with Frensley among others leading the way. Back in September, teammate and junior Jacob Watts also bowled a 300.

“It’s exciting. Michael’s been close several times and knocking at the door, so it was great to see him finally get it,” coach Tracy Lamberth said. “He’s stepped up this year and raised his average close to 20 pins over what he was averaging last year. But any time you see someone, especially kids, bowl a 300 it’s really exciting. It’s usually their first one, so it’s exciting to see them get it and get their confidence up.”

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