Meet the 2017-18 Seniors for Basketball, Dance and Cheer

Photos by Tommy Rouse

By Kris Freeman, SID, WHHS

White House basketball opens the 2017-18 season at home Tuesday night and the new banners for basketball, dance and cheer seniors will be placed in the gym for the entirety of the season.

Introducing the 2017-18 senior class for basketball, dance and cheer and a big huge thanks to photographer and designer Tommy Rouse for the amazing banners provided for White House High School. For higher resolution, click on each image to enlarge.

Boys Basketball:

  • Shooting Guard – #2 Kaleb France
  • Small Forward – #15 Kevin James
  • Small Forward – #20 Bryant Reynolds
  • Center – #33 Dawson Bragg

Girls Basketball:

  • Point Guard – #14 McKenzie Vaughn
  • Shooting Guard – #20 Kelly Cain
  • Post – #44 Courtney Meadows


  • Dance Captain – Angel Greer


  • Cheerleader – Carley Kell
  • Cheerleader – McKenna Kraemer
  • Cheerleader – Amaya Payne
  • Cheerleader Captain – Livia Rogers
  • Cheerleader – Brooke Turzinski
  • Cheerleader – Taylor Walters



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