Connection: Bobcats win fourth straight region wrestling title

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By Glavine Day for The Connection

PLEASANT VIEW – For the fourth year in a row, the Greenbrier wrestling team is advancing to the state tournament, defeating East Robertson 70-12, Sycamore 66-14 and Cheatham County Central 52-22.

“We’ve had building blocks every year,” Bobcats coach Josh Reynolds said. “I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of juniors and seniors that have been there before, so they have that drive to push forward. Last year was hopefully a building block for this year. We placed fourth and I’d love to just place again, but hopefully we can do even better than that.”

The TSSAA state duals take place on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 2 and 3 in a double-elimination style tournament at the Williamson County Ag Center. There will be eight teams with Tennessee’s eight A-AA region winners.

The Bobcats head into the tournament with six top-ranked wrestlers in the state, some ranked behind individuals who did not qualify for the state tournament, giving them a big opportunity in their weight class.

“The only ones I’m concerned with are my freshmen,” Reynolds said. “The good thing is the sophomores, juniors and all but one of my seniors have wrestled in the state duals so they know what to expect. But, I feel a lot better preparing them this time than I did four years ago.

“The fortunate thing about these kids is that we have been there four times in a row now and these kids have been there. So, just stay the course, wrestle loose, have fun and whatever happens, happens.”

After beating Hume-Fogg 40-30 in the first round, White House made it to the semi-final round of the region duals, but the Blue Devils fell short to Cheatham County 59-24.

Round 1 scores:

Greenbrier (70) Caleb Shelton 6, Nathan Ford 6, Nick Payne 6 (For.), Brady Holt 6 (For.), Tucker Tatum 6 (For.), Ryan Herndon 4, Gavin Ledbetter 6, Brandon Chambers 6, Anthony Collins 6 (For.), Toby Lynch 6 (For.), Preston Edwards 6 (For.), Spencer Grant 6

East Robertson (12) Cameron Smith 6, Isaac Houck 6 (For.)

White House (40) Cole Thompson 6, Rhiley Burton 6 (For.), Robert Worrell 4, Micah Rainey 6 (For.), Ethan Rainey 6, Elijah Zweydorff 3, Evan Smith 6 (For.), Dylan Newlin 3

Hume-Fogg (30) Jeremy Martin 6, Nicholas Fouhy 6, Patrick Ohazvrike 6, Elliot Grinder 6, Dominal Kennedy 6 (For.)

Round 2 scores:

Greenbrier (66) Nathan Ford 6, Tucker Tatum 6, Ryan Herndon 6, Chike McCruder 6 (For.), Brandon Chambers 6 (For.), Anthony Willis 6, Toby Lynch 6, Preston Edwards 6, Calton Watson 6 (For.), Matthew McCartney 6, Caleb Shelton 6 (For.)

Sycamore (14) Mark Helser 6, Tyree Bass 4, Will Pendleton 4

 Cheatham County (59) Michael Porter 6, Woodey Maynard 6 (For.), Jacob Burkeen 6, Noah Mayo 5, Timmy Kern 6, Dawson Vanderford 6 (For.), Jay Hires 6, Morgan Kirk 6 (For.), Kolby Levrets 6 (For.), Matthew Beavers 6

White House (24) Rhiley Burton 6,Ethan Rainey 6, Elijah Zweydorff 6, Evan Smith 6 (For.)

Region championship scores:

Greenbrier (52) Nick Payne 3, Brady Holt 6, Tucker Tatum 6, Chike McCruder 6, Gavin Ledbetter 4, Anthony Collins 6, Toby Lynch 6, Dalton Watson 6 (For.), Mattthrwe McCartney 3, Caleb Shelton 6

Cheatham County (22) Noah Mayo 5, Jay Hires 6, James Cothran 6, Michael Porter 6 (For.)

Greenbrier defeated Cheatham County 52-22 for the fourth straight state appearance.

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