HOSA Receives Award of Excellence for Health Screenings

Story and Photos by Kris Freeman for White House High School

Students working in HOSA and preparing for future health careers at White House High School were honored for their work in 2019-2020, performing hundreds of health screenings for students in White House, Millersville and Hendersonville.

WHHS instructors Dani Villafana and Christy Hooper were recognized by Sumner County Schools with an Award of Excellence for their work in leading health screenings for vital signs, hearing and visual, for many students in the previous school year. These health screenings reached students at White House High School, White House Middle School, Millersville Elementary School, Madison Creek Elementary School, H.B. Williams Elementary School and Beech High School.

While the teachers helped facilitate, high school students in health sciences and HOSA at WHHS performed the screenings for Sumner County Schools Coordinated School Health.

A certificate and plaque was presented to Villafana and Hooper for their excellent work in the previous academic year.

White House’s Dani Villafana and Christy Hooper

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