Welcome New Title Sponsor: Workforce Strategies LLC

White House BDP would like to welcome its second title sponsor for the 2020-21 year as Workforce Strategies LLC will support the Blue Devils.

Terri Noah is a managing member of Workforce Strategies LLC and has a son, Spencer, who is a junior on the White House football team.

White House BDP is a website created and maintained by the social media and advertising classes at White House High School and covering White House sports and student activities. Title sponsorships are paid digital advertisements with White House BDP on the website, live broadcasts and social media.

If you would like to sponsor, fill out this form at this link for more info. One hundred percent of every sponsorship dollar benefits White House High School.

ABOUT WORKFORCE STRATEGIES LLC: We take the hassle out of hiring!

P.O. Box 15 | White House TN 37188 | 615-581-0271

Website: https://www.workforcestrategies.biz




Doing our work, so you can do yours…  

Making the difference for our clients, changing the lives of those we place, and supporting communities.

Who we are and what we do:

Workforce Strategies, LLC is a woman owned recruiting/staffing agency that was founded in June 2014. We are driven to meet the needs of employers while pairing people with purpose. Our primary focus is to ensure that the skills, personality and ambitions of the potential employee match the goals, culture and requirements of the employer. Focusing on suitable employer/employee pairing allows us to make a positive impact on our community by providing long term employment opportunities for families, as well as improving the quality of the workforce for our business partners. Our business partners enjoy a cost effective method of recruiting that allows hiring managers and the HR department to focus on important goal driven tasks.

Why use Workforce Strategies?

We become part of your team by dedicating our time to advertising, screening, and matching applicants to your needs. It is like having a full time recruiter on staff for your organization. You will find that the cost of our service is significantly lower than our competitors, but our service level will exceed your expectations! We have a proven track record for hiring candidates that not only build long term relationships with their employer, but have the qualities to assume advancing positions.

Most recruiters today charge 20-33% of first year salary or 48-52% mark up on contract employees, but not us! Our goal is to make recruiting affordable for every company.

Proven Results:

Did you know the average hiring success rate for full time employees is 1 in 4? Here at Workforce Strategies, LLC, our success rate is 3 in 4 with more than 12 months of retention. We are proud of our candidates and their success! We have many employees that started in entry level positions, who are now filling leadership roles. At one client location, every area supervisor is a former Workforce Strategies, LLC candidate!

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