How to Stream Games Live on White House BDP

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Be sure to bookmark our new website at (bdpsports is no more). Streaming is though Facebook Live.

The games are streamed at White House BDP’s page on Facebook Live. There is no link ahead of time. The link goes live when we start the game and you DO NOT have to have a Facebook account to watch.

  1. Go to to follow/like the page. 
  2. Go to to see the videos page.
  3. If you are signed into Facebook and are a follower, our video will show in your news feed when we go live.
  4. If you are not signed into Facebook or do not have an account, the videos are public and you can still watch by clicking on the videos link above at game time. It should open in any web browser.
  5. Click on recommend or review and give us a FIVE STAR review (don’t do any less or we will send a football player to tackle you in the hallway and influence your decision 😉 )

Now, here’s a great Facebook trick for you.

If you are a follower of White House BDP, click the three dots or the waffle icon next to the area where you like the page. Then choose “follow settings” and under News Feed, choose “See First” and under notifications choose “Standard.” This will ensure that every time we post or go live, it will be at the top of your news feed immediately.

How to stream to a TV or Projector:

  1. If you have Apple TV, choose Air Play to broadcast your mobile device.
  2. If you have a Smart TV, hit the “cast” square icon while watching the video to cast it to your TV.
  3. If you have a streaming stick or other web player, type in the link to watch live if your device is Facebook compatible.
  4. If you ave a projector, connect your computer to a projector and stream using your browser.

What do we broadcast?

  1. Every football game for high school varsity
  2. Every basketball game for high school varsity except where signal permits
  3. Occasional soccer, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, softball when students are available to record

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