VIDEO AND STORY: White House Shuts Out Macon County, 5-0

By Kris Freeman for White House High School

LAFAYETTE – Sophomore Morgan Potts scored a hat trick and classmate Carmen Perkins added two goals as White House went on the road Tuesday and picked up a 5-0 shutout of Macon County.

Senior Kaitlyn Stanfield had two assists.

Despite Potts scoring on her own rebound off the post with 17 minutes remaining in the first half, Macon County nearly tied the match heading into the intermission. The Tigerettes were dominated on the offensive end but finally got a breakaway to the net and the first shot ricocheted off the right post and the striker for MCHS panicked and did not take the shot into the wide open net and then pitched it to the right of the goal.

The first goal of the game for Potts came when White House stole away the Macon County throw in, as the Tigerettes were slow to the second ball consistently on the White House end. Potts fired to the post and the ball came right back to her and she went over the head of the keeper into the top right of the net with 17:05 left.

White House took the 1-0 lead into halftime, where Coach Mike Felzien challenged his team to be quicker to the ball and improve passing and ball movement to set up shots in the middle of the field.

That worked, as the Lady Devils pushed an onslaught of goals in the first 16 minutes of the second half. With 37:24 left in the game, Potts was on the approach from the far left and sent a rocket over the top of the goal keeper’s head and into the net from about 20 yards away to make it 2-0.

With 28:49 to go, Kaitlyn Stanfield reversed a high pass a few yards to Perkins, who took the left foot shot in the middle and found the upper left of the net for a 3-0 lead.

Potts earned her hat trick with the third goal at 25:10 remaining in the second. Stanfield got her second assist with a right to left cross from the far right of the field, and Potts first chested a shot into the keeper and then powered the rebound straight into the net for a 4-0 advantage.

Sydney Richardson drove the ball from midfield to deep in the right corner with 23:47 remaining in the game, and crossed the ball to the goal box where Stanfield and Perkins worked a scoring opportunity. Perkins fired and scored her second goal of the game.

White House subbed out for the remainder of the game and put some younger Lady Devils into the match, with Eden Bradley getting a penalty kick chance in the closing minutes after Potts was taken down in the box.

The Lady Devils got great defensive play from the rear of the field, with Alexis Bess and McKenna Potts among those teammates keeping the ball on the offensive end for the Lady Devils. Lauren Davis and Perkins both worked the ball on the outside well to feed the middle of the field, along with Samantha Collins and Sabrina Hagewood.

Senior Ashleigh Spurlock contributed in the middle and freshman Marley Hyde improved the Lady Devils ball movement with her quick skills to get the ball in on a throw in repeatedly in the second half.

In the first half, McKenna Potts saved a game-tying goal when the ball went over Jordan Turner’s head in the box, and Potts dove in front of the second shot and blocked the score.

In the second half, Macon County missed ending the shutout late in the game when a wide open shot went to the outside of the net to the left and Turner made two solid saves to keep the zero on the board.

White House travels to defending district and region champion Heritage on Thursday, and then hosts Greenbrier on Friday.

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