Soccer: Bowling Green 4, White House 2 (89 Photos)

Story and Photos by Kris Freeman for White House High School

The powerful Bowling Green Purples made a trip to White House on Monday and defeated the Lady Devils, 4-2.

White House hung tough the entire game and fought to take a 1-0 lead just three minutes into the game when sophomore leading scorer Morgan Potts fired on net. But the Purples fired back with two goals to take the lead, the first a hook arc from the left corner that found a sliver or room at the top of the net over a leaping defender Marley Hyde and keeper Jordan Turner.

The second goal for a 2-1 lead went over Turner’s head on a longer shot from the right middle, but White House tied the game with 17:06 left in the first half when Kaitlyn Stanfield anchored a shot into the right side of the net.

The Purples added the third goal before half on a solid right footer from 20 yards out and then capitalized in the first few minutes of the second for a 4-2 lead.

White House will take on an even more formidable opponent on Wednesday from Kentucky when they welcome the multi-time state champion Greenwood Gators to WHHS, getting ready for next week’s district tournament play with a couple of tough games to end the regular season.

Overall, it was a solid effort from the Lady Devils on Monday against a Class 6-A school, and Turner was solid in the net as the Purples spent the majority of the night on the offensive attack.

Check out game photos below, including two angles of the shot from the corner which snuck into the goal.

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