Bowling Schedule 2020

The White House High School boys and girls bowling schedule for 2020.

Printable schedule at TSSAASports

10/13/20at Pope John Paul IIStrike and Spare3:45 PM
10/22/20at Dickson CountyThunder Alley3:45 PMW15-12 (B) 25-2 (G)
10/24/20at BartlettSavannah Bowling Center10:00 AM
10/24/20at Sevier CountySavannah Bowling Center12:00 PM
10/24/20at Hardin CountySavannah Bowling Center3:30 PM
10/26/20Dickson CountyStrike and Spare3:45 PM
11/2/20WH HeritageStrike and Spare3:45 PMW19-8 (Coed)
11/4/20GoodpastureStrike and Spare3:45 PMW21-6 (Coed)
11/10/20Creek WoodStrike and Spare3:45 PM
11/12/20Pope John Paul IIStrike and Spare3:45 PMW25.5-1.5 (G)
11/16/20at Greenbrier (CANCELLED)Strike and Spare3:45 PMPPDN/A
11/17/20at WH Heritage (CANCELLED)Adventure Alley3:45 PMPPDN/A
11/18/20Greenbrier (CANCELLED)Strike and Spare3:45 PMPPDN/A
11/30/20at Creek WoodBowl-A-Rama Dickson3:45 PM
12/3/20At Dickson CountyBowl-A-Rama Dickson3:45 PM

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