Connection: Lady Devils Run Indians off the Floor

By Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection and Main Street Preps

The White House girls basketball team came into East Robertson and followed their fast-paced game plan all the way to a 57-40 victory Tuesday night.

The Lady Devils dominated from the start, forcing turnovers and getting easy baskets in transition. They held a 33-15 halftime lead and kept their distance throughout the game.

“That was the game plan going in,” White House head coach Kelly Smelcer said. “We knew that we had… to push the ball. We needed to generate turnovers more, so we knew coming into this game we had to run the floor, and we had to create turnovers.”

Smelcer said this was the first game of the season her team played “four hard quarters.” Ten players found their way into the rotation to keep fresh legs on the floor at all times.

Chloe Hart and Marley Hyde had great first halves to help build the lead. Hart scored 11 points in the first half and finished with 13. She has been a key piece for the team this year.

“Chloe has been our MVP so far this season,” Smelcer said. “I mean, she’s brought it every single game on both ends of the floor. She’s our best defender. She’s our best probably at most everything we’re doing right now, so that really wasn’t much of a surprise. That’s what we expect from her.”

Hyde’s first-half point total of 15 was more surprising. Smelcer has been impressed with her progress thus far and appreciates her work ethic.

“Marley is a freshman, and she’s just getting better each game,” Smelcer said. “She just has a nose for the ball and a lot of those points were off rebounds. She gets in there and works hard, and she’s a phenomenal athlete.”

This was the second game of the season for the Lady Indians. On top of the lack of game reps, they are young.

Head coach Kenyatta Perry said his team expected White House to try to speed them up, but they could not reproduce their game plan on the court.

“We knew it was coming, but we didn’t get lined up exactly correct, and I think my younger girls kind of panicked a little bit,” Perry said. “So when you’re facing a team that’s that aggressive, that tends to happen.

“You start to just go, instead of ‘Okay, I know where I’ve got to throw the ball to,’ and that’s basically what happened. (We) just got turned over time after time, and (my players) kind of got a little bit down on themselves.”

Perry said the loss was a result of a lack of repetitions and experience. His team needs to figure out where they need to be and what they can expect from their teammates.

“I thought our preparation was good,” Perry said. “You can prepare all you want. Until you actually see it, you never know. When the players get exactly everything correct when we’re out in practice, and then we’re getting into the game. I got one post player running down the floor, the other ones running to the corner.

“We can do better, so some of (it’s) experience, some of them just understanding what your teammates can and can’t do, which is what we had a big talk about in the locker room.”

Box Score:

White House (57) – Marley Hyde 18, Chloe Hart 13, Faithe Johnstone 6, Avery Droz 5, Alexis Bess 3, Hannah Crabtree 3, Abigail Bradley 2, Hannah France 2, Madison Freeman 2, Carmen Perkins 2, Cori Terrell 1

East Robertson (40) – Macy Phelps 14, Peyton Lackey 8, Anna Hornberger 7, Adrean Cole 4, Kaley Barnes 3, Sierra Jones 2, Kylie Perry 2

Photos by Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection

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