Connection: White House Powers Past East Robertson Boys

By Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection and Main Street Preps

The Blue Devils were too much for the Indians Tuesday night in their 58-41 victory.

White House was the stronger team in every facet of the game. The defense forced turnovers. The offense moved the ball smoothly and generated good looks.

The Blue Devils consistently built their lead and doubled up their opponents on the scoreboard at the halftime and third-quarter breaks. The final period closed the gap, making the score slightly misleading.

White House head coach Caleb Cook said his team played well and showed a lot of hustle.

“I wish we had finished a little better, but our attitude was great,” Cook said. “Our effort was there, you know, and we made enough plays especially during that third quarter to kind of put the game away. So I was pleased with that.”

Senior Blue Devil William “Quad” Lucas had a strong outing on the scoreboard and the backboard. Lucas is large and played offensive line for the football team this fall. He used his size and skill to score 17 points, many of which were off of his own offensive rebounds.

“He’s a great kid,” Cook said of Lucas. “He leads by example. He’s a big kid. He’s got such soft hands, and he can take over a game of any point. We’ve just got to do a good job of finding him and giving him the ball, giving him a chance to score.

“He’s very unselfish too, so they started double teaming him tonight, and he did a good job of getting the ball back out to the guards, you know, letting them make a play, but he’s a good one to have on our team and not (have to) guard.”

While the Blue Devils now have a few games under their belts, the Indians were making their season debut, due to cancellations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s just, you know, one of those things, kind of a perfect storm,” Caton said. “(When) that’s not going your way, (you) kind of just look at it in terms of trying to get better, you know. No summer camp, no preseason games, our first four games got canceled, so it’s just working some kinks out and trying to get better.”

On top of the lack of experience in the current season, East Robertson’s roster looks very different from last year. Seven seniors graduated, and star junior Taylor Groves is not expected to play.

Caton’s new team needs to spend time playing with each other in live games in order to build confidence and chemistry among themselves. His goal is to make progress game-by-game.

“They just got to get the game experience,” Caton said. “They know what we expect in our team and our program, and it’s just a matter of being able to execute it. As they play more, they’ll get better taking care of the ball.

“We had a lot of turnovers tonight. That’s just the (lack of) games again, the game experience. Learning how to play together is always a challenge, and it takes time, so hopefully they’ll come over those learning curves quickly. We’re gonna take some lumps. We expect that, but as long as we’re getting better each game, that’s what we’re aiming to do.”

Box Score:

White House (58) – Ethan Droz 24, Quad Lucas 17, Zane Brown 6, Cooper Brinn 4, Nathan Bowman 3, Blake Barker 2, Wesley Deakins 2

East Robertson (41) – Van True 12, Alex Patterson 11, Jordan Barnard 10, Elijah Groves 3, Daniel Iwanowski 3, Carson Searcy 2

Photos by Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection

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