From the Coaches to the WHHS Swim Team and Community

The following is a note shared to Facebook from White House swim coaches Jessica Watson and Julie Thorp. Mrs. Watson gave us permission to share with White House BDP and the community.

  • Swimming family:

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the end of our swimming program at White House High School. When I started this program, my dream was to see it through for many years…and then the world changed.

We have waited up until the last minute to analyze every angle to see how to make it work, but without a pool, it’s not possible. Our hearts are heavy as we have poured so much into this program, as have you. And for that- thank you. We have been shown so much love and we are very thankful for each of you.

Thank you for the laughter, hugs, cheers, tears, challenges, and triumphs throughout the last 4 years. We will miss this family tremendously. The legacy started, and ended, with all of us.

  • Coach Julie Thorp and Coach Jessica Watson

4 Comments on “From the Coaches to the WHHS Swim Team and Community

  1. so sad! any suggestions for swimmers as to how to continue swimming and compete?

      • Good morning, Mr. Freeman.

        Would you be able to guide me as to how to enter Logan (freshmen) to compete at the HS Swim meets? I know other high schools are currently competing; however, I need guidance as to how to get Logan entered to compete in those meets.

        Thank you for your time and help,
        Marissa Chudzik

  2. So sad to see this program end! Thankful for the team, Mrs. Watson, and Mrs. Thorp!

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