Connection: White House Sweeps CCS in Impromptu Games

by Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection

While COVID-19 precautions have forced Robertson County teams to sit out, White House High School has been trying to piece together a schedule with any teams left.

Since the high school is located in Sumner County, WHHS is not a part of Robertson County Schools and is still able to play games.

The White House Christmas Classic was canceled after many of the schools could not attend, leaving Lady Devils head coach Kelly Smelcer to pick up the phone and make last-minute arrangements.

The Christian Community girls team has struggled even more to play games this season, and the coaches connected to play two games in five days, one that was previously scheduled and one that came together the day prior.

“They called Thursday night, and their Friday night game had (been) canceled,” Smelcer said. “They said, ‘Hey, can we throw (a game) together last minute?’ ”

The two teams played Friday, Dec. 19 and Tuesday, Dec. 22. White House won 56-21 and 81-34, respectively.

Smelcer is grateful to still be able to play games, but that benefit comes alongside the added headache of scheduling when there is no guarantee games will be played until they are on the floor.

“It’s unreal,” Smelcer said. “It’s probably three-to-four hours a day that have gone into scheduling right now. Just taking calls from coaches, putting out calls, messages, you think you have a game, and honestly, until you get there and get warmed up, you’re not even sure if that game is going to happen that day.

“I was telling someone yesterday that you almost need a scheduling assistant on staff just to take care of that aspect of the game this year.”

White House had a semi-celebration for their six seniors, announcing them to start the second game. That decision was made to ensure the players received recognition this season at least once.

“The plug can be pulled at any point, and we all realize that,” Smelcer said. “We want to kind of get something small in while we can.”

While the situation is not ideal, Smelcer is happy to get on the floor and thinks her players cherish putting on their jerseys even more.

“You don’t want to play a school two games in a row,” Smelcer said. “If you look on MaxPreps or (anywhere), there’s a lot of schools that have done that. If you find someone that’s not quarantined, maybe you have to play them a couple times in a row and be grateful.

“I think the girls get it. I think It’s a good lesson for them at this age. Every time you put the uniform on, it’s more special than it’s been for years. You can’t take any games for granted anymore. We’re very appreciative and grateful to still be playing at this point.”

White House played Ezell-Harding Christian Monday, Dec. 28 and is scheduled to play games on Dec. 29 and 30 against Summit (girls only) and Nashville Christian.

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