Main Street Preps: Lady Devils Control Pace over Ezell-Harding

By Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection and Main Street Preps

The White House Lady Devils put on a clinic early to capture their sixth win of the season by a score of 59-39 Monday afternoon.

The Lady Devils outscored the Lady Eagles 18-2 in the first quarter. Their non-stop pressure forced turnovers and easy breakaway points.

That is always a part of the game plan for White House head coach Kelly Smelcer. She hopes her team can continue to pressure opponents when they begin the district slate.

“I felt like we still didn’t generate the pressure today at times that we were looking for, but yes, I think we’re definitely getting better at playing the pace that we want to play,” Smelcer said. “We just hope we can continue that as we play our district schedule and maybe some teams that are a little bit tougher.”

This was the first game for the Lady Devils against a team not named Christian Community since Dec. 11. They have seen countless games canceled and/or rescheduled and were happy to play another team.

“I was telling them any game we get right now, we kind of feel like it’s a blessing and maybe a game that somebody else isn’t getting,” Smelcer said. “It was definitely good to play someone else today for sure.”

Both teams were missing key pieces. The Lady Devils were without Faith Johnstone and Carmen Perkins. The Lady Eagles had to play without two of their top three leading scorers.

After the dominant first quarter, Smelcer went into her bench, and Ezell-Harding was able to pull within 13 at halftime.

EHCS head coach Michael Peters was pleased that his girls did not give up despite the circumstances.

“To miss those girls and still ask girls who really hadn’t played a whole lot of varsity minutes in their career (to play), I was proud of the effort, especially to come back,” Peters said.

Both the boys and girls teams from both schools had planned to go to the Watertown Christmas Tournament, but after Wilson County put their sports on hold, they had to adapt by playing each other at EHCS in Antioch.

Peters has emphasized the unpredictability of this season from the beginning and thinks his girls have adjusted well.

“We’ve tried to, from the get-go, ask everybody associated with the program just to be flexible,” Peters said. “This is the world we’re living in, in 2020, and I think they’ve been very flexible. They’ve been very understanding.

“Then the other thing is we realize that every time we get to play, it’s a blessing because the way COVID is, the way the numbers are, it really could be our last game. We’re just trying to take it as a blessing and we’re thankful for any time we get to step on the court.”

White House had their games for Tuesday and Wednesday canceled later Monday evening. Ezell-Harding Christian is now under quarantine.


White House (59) – Avery Droz 17, Cori Terrell 8, Marley Hyde 7, Hannah Crabtree 6, Alexis Bess 4, Madison Freeman 4, Chloe Hart 4, Abigail Bradley 3, Hannah France 2, Ragan Anderson 2, Kayden Albin 2

Ezell-Harding Christian (39) – Danielle Russell 16, Reghan Williams 12, Emily Parsons 5, Madison Coleman 4, Allyson McGill 2

Photos by Joel Clinger

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