Bowling: Lady Devils headed to State Tournament After DOminating Sectionals

By Kris Freeman for White House High School

HENDERSONVILLE – The White House Lady Devils made quick work of the return to the bowling alley after the holidays, and with three dominating matches the team is headed to the TSSAA State Tournament.

Cruising through the region semifinals and finals over Wilson Central and White County, White House powered past Brentwood 25-2 Saturday morning in the sectional round, earning a return trip to the state tournament. The Lady Devils will bowl individuals Wednesday and 1:30 and 4 p.m. and then the team competition is Thursday, January 21, with the quarterfinals at 8:30 a.m.

The semifinals are Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and the girls championships are Friday at 8:30 a.m.

To say that White House was dominant Saturday morning in the sectional was an understatement. The team lost just two individual matches the whole event, and crushed the total pin count, 3,272 to 2,107.

Senior Kyleigh Husted was also 3-0, rolling a 253 in her third match and ending the day with a 661 series. Senior Miranda Cain bowled a 647 series and went 3-0, rolling a 237 in the second game of the day for her high score.

Jaycee Whitaker put the highest total on the board for the match with a 258 in her second game, and also bowled a 188 in the first game to go 2-0.

Ella Husted was 2-0 with a 168 and 178; Allison Finn was 2-0 with a 177 and 140; Lorelei Caruthers was 2-0 with a 135 and 113, Savannah Blair was 2-1 overall and posted a 204 in her second game of the day and finished with a 508 series. Lily Frakes bowled a 98 in her only game of the day.

White House was 7-1 in the opening round of games, swept the second set 8-0 and then finished 7-1 in the third games, and received the bonus points for total pins.


Entering the state tournament, White House has the top-ranked individual bowler with Kyleigh Husted at a 213.14 average. Miranda Cain is seventh at 197.58, Savannah Blair is 18th at 182.34, Ella Husted is 21st at 180.41, and Jaycee Whitaker is 27th at 174.00.

Five individuals qualified for the state round from White House. See the full list here.


The team round and bracket for the state tournament has not yet been finalized.

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