Main Street Preps: Devils Close Out Greenbrier

By Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection and Main Street Preps

The White House soccer team defeated the Greenbrier Bobcats 5-2 Monday night to advance to the district championship.

Haden Cooper and Bryson Harper got the Blue Devils started with first-half goals. Cason Cooper scored in the first two minutes of the second half to make it a 3-0 lead.

Harper and Haden Cooper added their second before Greenbrier’s Dany Retana and Antonio Gill scored in the final minutes.

White House head coach Mark Lamberth thinks their level of play is due to the challenging schedule they faced during the regular season. The Blue Devils finished the regular season with a 5-10 record but consistently faced AAA and Division II schools. Expand

“Our ball movement, our control a lot of the time in the center midfield, is a reflection of the schedule we’ve played,” Lamberth said. “We’ve played the best teams that will play us in the midstate, and it’s paid off in the district semifinals.”

He said his focus moving forward is on his guys’ health, rest and continued improvement.

“The main thing this time of year is taking care of your body,” Lamberth said. “Make sure your legs are underneath you, and just continue to work on finite touches.”

The Blue Devils lost in the district championship to White House Heritage Wednesday night but advanced to the Region 5-AA tournament.

Greenbrier head coach John Paul Wood said he thought his team played better than their previous 6-0 defeat to White House earlier this year.

“I think the team played a little bit better than we did last time,” Wood said. “Obviously, we got a couple goals on them this time, and they scored a similar number.”

There are only four seniors on the Bobcat roster, and many key pieces will return next season.

Wood is optimistic about what could come in the next two seasons.

“Our high school team is full of freshmen and sophomores right now,” Wood said. “Probably our most solid player on the field is Dany (Retana), our center guy. Dany is a freshman. He’s a freshman player, and in a couple years, a junior, senior.

“I think you’ll see the Greenbrier High School team really put in a big shot for maybe the top two.”

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