Main Street Preps: Eleven Devils Named to All-County Track and Field

White House High School completed its best track and field season in school history, and 11 Blue Devil athletes were honored by the Main Street Preps and Gallatin News All-Sumner County selections.

White House seniors Femi Richards and Lilly Ring made the team, along with juniors Kerra Marsh and Ella Spivey, juniors Ranen Blackburn, Miguel Cotto, Mathew Miller and Reece McAfee, and freshmen Macyn Hunt, Lauren Davis and Marley Hyde.

Richards was selected as the Boys Field Event of the year, winning three Sumner County championships in jump events. He was named to three slots on the team. Hyde was named to three slots on the team as well, adding the 300M hurdles to her jump events.

The full list of honorees and events from White House included:

  • Femi Richards – Boys Field Event of the Year
  • Femi Richards – High Jump
  • Femi Richards – Triple Jump
  • Marley Hyde – High Jump
  • Marley Hyde – Triple Jump
  • Marley Hyde – 300M Hurdles
  • Macyn Hunt – 100 M Hurdles
  • Mathew Miller – 200 M
  • Kerra Marsh – 800 M
  • Lilly Ring, Ella Spivey, Macyn Hunt and Lauren Davis – 100 M Relay
  • Ranen Blackburn, Reece McAfee, Mathew Miller and Miguel Cotto – 100 M Relay
  • Ranen Blackburn, Reece McAfee, Mathew Miller and Miguel Cotto – 200 M Relay

Full story from Main Street Preps and The Gallatin News. Graphics and photos by White House BDP.

By Zach Womble for The Gallatin News

Main Street Preps has named its 2021 All-Sumner County track and field teams.

Station Camp’s Evan Puckett and Whisper Thomas were named Athletes of the Year, respectively. Puckett and Thomas were the only Sumner County athletes to win first in a state championship competition, with Puckett taking home gold in the Pole Vault and Thomas in the 100m dash.

Along with the 18 events, we also gave superlatives for girls and boys Top Sprinters, Top Distance Runners and Top Field Events.

The 2021 All-Sumner County track and field team is comprised of nine Sumner County High Schools: Beech, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Merrol Hyde, Portland, Pope John Paul II, Station Camp, Westmoreland and White House.

Nominations were collected from area coaches before being finalized by the Main Street Preps sports staff.

See below for those honored on the All-Sumner County track and field teams.


Boys Athlete of the Year: Evan Puckett, Station Camp

Puckett finished first in the Pole Vault competition at the state tournament with a 15-00 mark.

Girls Athlete of the Year: Whisper Thomas, Station Camp

Thomas won gold in the 100m dash and silver the 200m dash at the 2021 state championships in May.

Girls Top Sprinter: Whisper Thomas, Station Camp

Thomas won gold in the 100m dash and silver the 200m dash at the 2021 state championships in May.

Boys Top Sprinter: Jameson Wharton, Hendersonville

Wharton dominated both the 100 and 200m dash on his way to a state meet appearance in the county.

Girls Top Distance Runners: Zaely Tilt, Beech

Tilt finished first in the 1600 and 3200m run this season. She also placed third in the 800m run.

Boys Top Distance Runners: Blake Brown, Beech

Brown won the 800 and 1600m run while placing second in the 400m run.

Girls Top Field Event: Kiera Berry, Beech

Berry dominated the hurdles, long, high and triple jump during her senior year at Beech High School.

Boys Top Field Event: Femi Richards, White House

In what may be a first for White House High School, Femi Richards dominated the long, high and triple jump on his way to a sectional appearance for the Blue Devils.

Boys Decathlon: Baker Schell, Beech 

100M Dash

Jameson Wharton, Hendersonville 10.79

Josh Ferguson, Hendersonville 10.97

Deonti Avant, Gallatin 11.27

200M Dash

Jameson Wharton, Hendersonville 22.48

Mathew Miller, White House 23.28 (spelling corrected from original article)

Josh Ferguson, Hendersonville 23.47

400M Dash

David Johnson, Hendersonville 52.59

Blake Brown, Beech 53.55

Dayton Floyd, Gallatin 53.97

800M Run

Blake Brown, Beech 1:58.69

Tristan Gould, Beech ` 2:04.98

Tyler Downs, Beech 2:08.18

1600M Run

Blake Brown, Beech 4:30.67

Tristan Gould, Beech 4:33.39

Ethan Lanning, Beech 4:41.02

3200M Run

Ethan Lanning, Beech 9:45.87

Gabriel Cox, Beech 9:55.50

Tristan Gould, Beech 9:56.59

110M Hurdles

Baker Schell, Beech 15.04

David Johnson, Hendersonville 15.47

Keshaun Alexander, Gallatin 16.58

300M Hurdles

Baker Schell, Beech 40.57

David Johnson, Hendersonville 42.64

Nate Shingleton, Station Camp 45.13

4x100M Relay

Hendersonville 42.83

Pope John Paul II 44.23

White House 44.94

4x200M Relay

Hendersonville 1:33.43

White House 1:33.72

Station Camp 1:36.30

4x400M Relay

Pope John Paul II 3:38.95

Beech 3:40.63

Station Camp 3:42.60

4x800M Relay

Station Camp 8:41.98

Beech 8:51.31

Merrol Hyde Magnet 9:01.01

High Jump

Femi Richards, White House 6-0

Cory Brown, Station Camp 5-10

Jack Lewis, Station Camp 5-10

Jack Voss, Station Camp 5-10

Keshaun Alexander, Gallatin 5-10

Long Jump

David Johnson, Hendersonville 23-2

Jack Lewis, Station Camp 21-5

Keshaun Alexander, Gallatin 21-2

Triple Jump

Femi Richards, White House 42-11

Jack Lewis, Station Camp 40-9.75

Brandon Tipton, Station Camp 39-10.75

Pole Vault

Evan Puckett, Station Camp 15-8*

Aidan Garner, Station Camp 11-6

Erik Backstrom, Pope John Paul II 9-0

Shot Put

Erik Backstrom, Pope John Paul II 41-9

Jarryn Nevels, Gallatin 41-3

Kyle Duval, Hendersonville 39-8


Daniel Trujillo, Gallatin 110-6

Justin Huynh, Gallatin 106-8

Jarryn Nevels, Gallatin 102-4


100M Dash

Whisper Thomas, Station Camp 12.02*

Emrie Springs, Station Camp 12.55

Endya Rice, Hendersonville 12.79

200M Dash

Whisper Thomas, Station Camp 24.67**

Emrie Springs, Station Camp 25.83

Adrianna Cadena, Pope John Paul II 26.96

400M Dash

Keonna Chumbley, Pope John Paul II 1:00.03

Whisper Thomas, Station Camp 1:00.09

Emrie Springs, Station Camp 1:00.74

800M Run

Kerra Marsh, White House 2:31.25

Alexis Simino, Pope John Paul II 2:32.57

Zaely Tilt, Beech 2:33.44

1600M Run

Zaely Tilt, Beech 5:36.31

Kim Roundy, Beech 5:47.08

Lexie Lawson, Beech 5:47.35

3200M Run

Zaely Tilt, Beech 11:55.26

Alexis Simino, Pope John Paul II 11:59.90

Kim Roundy, Beech 12.24.97

Karleigh Powell, Westmoreland

Sophie Bricker, Pope John Paul II

100M Hurdles

Kiera Berry, Beech 16.19

Macyn Hunt, White House 17.87

Anasia Petway, Hendersonville 17.89

300M Hurdles

Kiera Berry, Beech 49.27

Bailey Raynor, Hendersonville 49.32

Marley Hyde, White House 52.85

4x100M Relay

Pope John Paul II 52.19

Hendersonville 52.93

White House 54.10

4x200M Relay

Beech 1:47.47

Pope John Paul II 1:48.45

Hendersonville 1:50.60

4x400M Relay

Station Camp 4:06.99

Beech 4:24.75

Pope John Paul II 4:26.75

4x800M Relay

Beech 10:48.05

Station Camp 10:54.19

Hendersonville 11:18.92

High Jump

Kiera Berry, Beech 4-10

Cami Klein, Station Camp 4-8

Hannah Grace Brown, Hendersonville 4-8

Marley Hyde, White House 4-8

Long Jump

Keira Berry, Beech 17-10.25

Leanna Pearson, Pope John Paul II 17-4.25

Whisper Thomas, Station Camp 17-1.25

Triple Jump

Cami Klein, Station Camp 32-8

Marley Hyde, White House 32-0

Kate Snider, Station Camp 29-9

Pole Vault

Allie Shingleton, Station Camp 9-0

Keaton Campbell, Beech 6-0


Faith Hopgood, Gallatin 92-5

Sydney Heath, Beech 88-0.5

Caylin Martinez, Beech 83-5

Shot Put

Kyndal Chenault, Beech 31-11

Sydney Heath, Beech 30-0.5

Nyahoth Kueth, Gallatin 28-9

Boys State Championship Participants

Jameson Wharton (100/200M Dash), Baker Schell (110M Hurdles/300M Hurdles), Hendersonville (4x100M Relay), Pope John Paul II (4x400M Relay), Merrol Hyde (4x800M Relay), David Johnson (Long Jump), Evan Puckett (State Champ – Pole Vault).

Girls State Championship Participants

Whisper Thomas (State Champ – 100M Dash, Runner-Up – 200M Dash), Keonna Chumbley (400M Dash), Pope John Paul II (4x100M Relay/4x200M Relay), Beech (4x200M Relay), Station Camp (4x400M Relay), Leanna Pearson (Long Jump), Allie Shingleton (Pole Vault), Karleigh Powell (3200M Run), Sophie Bricker (3200M Run)

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