Senior Picture Reminder – July 26-27

Hello rising seniors and parents!

Your picture day with Lifetouch is coming on Monday and Tuesday, July 26th-27th. You should have received a postcard with information from Lifetouch in the mail during the summer. If not, a reminder that pictures were scheduled in alphabetical order.

Lifetouch will take a casual, cap and gown and tux/drape formal for every student. You may take additional casual outfits if you wish, but Lifetouch will provide the cap and gown and formal tux/drapes.

THERE IS A $25 sitting fee payable to Lifetouch that does credit to your account if you order photos. White House High School does not manage or receive any sitting fees.


Here is a tentative schedule, but we are happy to confirm a time for you by emailing – if you need to CHANGE your time, this must be done through the Lifetouch information at the bottom of this page.

  • Monday 9 a.m. An-Bi
  • Monday 10 a.m. Br-Ca
  • Monday 11 a.m. Ca-Cr
  • Monday 12 p.m. Cu-Da
  • Monday 1 p.m. El-Ga
  • Monday 2 p.m. Gr-Hi
  • Monday 3 p.m. Ho-Joh
  • Monday 4 p.m. Jos-Ki
  • Tuesday 9 a.m. Le-Ma
  • Tuesday 10 a.m. Mi-Ne
  • Tuesday 11 a.m. Pi-Ra
  • Tuesday 12 p.m. Ri-Sa
  • Tuesday 1 p.m. Sc-Sp
  • Tuesday 2 p.m. St-Tr
  • Tuesday 3 p.m. Ve-Wh
  • Tuesday 4 p.m. Wi-Yo

Make up date for seniors at WHHS is September 20th from 8-4 p.m.


  1. Do I have to take a photo with Lifetouch? Yes. To be included in the yearbook for formal photos, you must take your photos with Lifetouch. The school cannot take cap and gown or formal for you. You are not obligated to order pictures, but required to take them to be in the yearbook and graduation slideshow.
  2. Do I have to take casual photos? No, but it is highly recommended. While many students take their own casual photos with a professional photographer and provide this photo for the yearbook casual, we still recommend taking at least one casual photo with Lifetouch as a backup, or if you do not have access to your own senior photographer.
  3. How long will my session take? We are shooting pictures for the entire senior class in two days. Unfortunately, that means a line can be expected. Please allow 1-2 hours total for your session as you will be taking three different stations of photos.
  4. What if I cannot make my appointment? You have two options. Contact Lifetouch at the information at the bottom of this page, or you can schedule a retake or makeup on Sept. 20th at school.
  5. Where should I enter? There are Sumner County Schools administrative events at WHHS on this day. Please enter and exit the rear door of the gym near the football field house parking lot. There will be a sign to guide you.
  6. Do I need to contact the office of the school? No, all communication for picture scheduling should be done through Lifetouch. Mr. Freeman has a master schedule but cannot reschedule any portrait sessions. He can only confirm your time.
  7. What if I did not receive a postcard? Contact Lifetouch at the information below to be added. There are available times for walk-ins each day in very limited time slots.



Thank you for choosing Prestige Photography by Lifetouch as your designated Senior photographer. As a reminder, your school’s photography session(s) are: 07/26/2021 – 07/27/2021.

Before sessions begin, please forward the email below to your Senior families to help them schedule their sessions.

(Please delete the text above before forwarding to your Senior families).
It’s Your Time to Shine!Our school’s 2022 Prestige Photography sessions are coming up on 07/26/2021 – 07/27/2021!Have you confirmed your upcoming session?
If not, head to to confirm or reschedule.MANAGE SESSION >
Your safety is our top priority.Check out our new photography & session protocols to ensure your peace of mind.LEARN MORE >

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