Sports: Order Digital Photos ($25 Per Player)

White House High School digital sports photos are now available.

One hundred percent of your purchase benefits White House High School. These images were taken by WHHS Staff and Students and are the property of White House High School. Once you purchase, they’re yours to share as you please! You download, you print, the school teams benefit!

If you ordered at student registration, we have your ordered reserved and when the photos are ready, they will be sent to you!

Package is $25 per player per sport.


What is available:

  • Football (fall 2021)
  • Volleyball (fall 2021)
  • Soccer (fall 2021)
  • Cheer (fall 2021)
  • Cross Country (fall 2021)
  • Homecoming Formals (fall 2021)
  • Girls Basketball (winter 2021)
  • Boys Basketball (winter 2021)
  • Girls Bowling (winter 2021)
  • Boys Bowling (winter 2021)
  • Band of Pride (winter 2021)

What you receive:

  • Average number of photos per package is 7-10 (varies by team)
  • Player individual photo (edited)
  • Player additional photos (unedited)
  • Team Photo (edited)
  • Position or class photos (edited)
  • Any additional casual pics vary per team

What will happen:

  • OSP will notify White House BDP of your purchase by email. These emails are sent nightly.
  • If we cannot align your purchase to a student, we will email you to get the student name.
  • Once payment is made, within 48-72 hours, you will receive a link to a site called PIXIESET where the photos are stored, and you will enter your email and password at the link to access and download.
  • Downloads are full original resolution.
  • Please do not share links and passwords to other players or families. Rights to the images are per player and per household once payment is made.

Special notes:

  • White House High School will not produce proofs or prints, but original low resolution photos are often posted on this website under the team photos.
  • You are free to order prints from any photo processing center including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.

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