Boats Stay Afloat in Mrs. Jones Class

A spotlight of the Career and Technical Education Classes at White House High School

Aluminum Boat Day in Mrs. Jones’s Class

Computer Science Foundation students had an activity to build a boat out of aluminum foil.  With a 5” x 5” piece of foil, each group had to design a boat and test if it could hold the most pennies without sinking.  

First, they created a plan in their groups of two or three. Then they were given a 5” x 5” piece of aluminum foil to create the boat. Once they created the boat, they waited to test it in the water.  Once the boat was in the water, students were not allowed to touch or adjust them.  If the boat stayed afloat, one student would have the job to place the pennies in the boat one at a time while the other student would keep a record of how many pennies the boat could hold.  After testing every group’s boat, some were more successful than others. 

In first place was Matthew, Denis, and Kaeton with their boat holding 45 pennies.

In second place was Ian and Luke whose boat held 42 pennies.

In third place there was a tie between Anna and Allison in one group and Logan and Blake in the other, with both groups’ boats holding 34 pennies.

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In fourth place was Spencer and Haden with 25 pennies.

In fifth place was Adrianna and Madison with 17.

Richard, Alden, and Deyci got sixth place with their boat holding 13 pennies.

In seventh place was Jaylen and Brayden with 11 pennies. 

In eighth place was Fox, Eros, and John with their boat holding 8 pennies. 

Students agreed that the next attempt needs a larger piece of aluminum foil.  Mrs. Jones is proud of the efforts of her students.  To see the excitement in the class and to experience the success of the students is the true gift of teaching. 

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