Main Street Preps: Lady Devils Season Soccer Preview

By Joel Clinger for The Robertson County Connection

The following segment was taken from a full area soccer preview for Main Street Preps. To read the full article, click here.

White House

The Lady Devils lost five key pieces over the offseason and will be trying to find players to fill the gaps they’ve left.

Then-seniors Kaitlyn Stanfield, Alexis Bess and Ashleigh Spurlock all played crucial roles throughout the field last season, but their greatest contribution could have been in helping their teammates improve.

“Those three, no only what they did on the field, but their leadership on and off the field was tremendous,” White House head coach Mike Felzien said. “They helped our team as far as closeness, gelling the team and taking the freshmen under their wings, coaching them through their first year.”

Morgan and McKenna Potts both played last season and have moved to Florida.

With only two seniors on the roster, the team will now need younger, less experienced players to step in and provide production and leadership.

“Some of the sophomores and juniors, hopefully they can step up their game and fill in at all these positions,” Felzien said. “It’s going to take a little bit of time. Losing that many that were so productive, defensively or offensively, is always hard to deal with.”

Junior Sydney Richardson has been a solid defender for the Lady Devils, but she may be moved around to help out elsewhere. All of that will depend on finding a replacement for her in front of the keeper.

“She’s going to be instrumental early on helping out the players on defense, telling them what to do,” Felzien said.

There could be freshman defenders in front of returning junior goalkeeper Jordan Turner.

Freshmen Lily Dunn, Caroline Cooper and Maddy Hanlon are also expected to step into playing-time roles with the team immediately.

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