Burrow honored by White House Chamber of Commerce

Gina Burrow of White House High School guidance department was honored by the White House Area Chamber of Commerce this weekend with the Make A Difference Award.

Congratulations to Mrs. Burrow and see the original post from the White House Area Chamber of Commerce below!

Today is National Make A Difference Day! There are so many people in our community that Make A Difference Every Day and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and honor some of these great individuals who give so much to their workplace, our community, their family and their friends.

Of course the last year or two has been even more trying for so many, and that’s why this year’s honorees really stood out. Help us celebrate the Difference they make in our community and let them know that they do not go unnoticed. Congratulations isn’t exactly the right term, because these guys weren’t doing what they do for recognition, awards or congratulations. They do what they do and they are who they are.

They care, they want to make lives better, they want to serve and they take great pride in their jobs and our community … so today we celebrate our Make A Difference Day recipients

  • Gina Bryant Burrow
  • Isaiah Manfredi
  • Lavonne Clifford
  • Jim Ring
  • Becky Williams Jenkins
  • We hope that today you will work to Make A Difference in their honor. And be on the lookout for those in our community who stand out, share what you see with us so we can be ready for more surprise attack awards next year and let’s all work just a little harder to exemplify the qualities of these dedicated, caring people and make a difference all year long in our great community.#DiscoverWhiteHouse#MakeADifferenceDay#MakeADifferenceEveryday

More about Gina Burrow:

Although all of our educators and school staff members deserve to be recognized for their work with our children during this difficult time, we want to take a minute to recognize Gina Burrow, the guidance department secretary at White House High School. Gina was responsible for making sure that every class in the school had an adult present all day long, even when many teachers were out sick with the virus. She was diagraming and putting puzzles together to move one person here and another there every day! She has also provided a little extra love and support to our kids at school each day – some of whom don’t have a solid support system at home to turn to, and some of whom have been rocked by the loss of a teacher and other loved ones to COVID. We just want to say thank you for all you do!

Photos by Kris Freeman

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