Purchase your 2021-22 WHHS Yearbook and/or Senior Ads through Nov. 30th!

By Kris Freeman for White House High School

The 2021-22 White House High School Yearbook is now available for purchase online through November 30th for $75 each. After Nov. 30th, the sale price will go up to $85 through Dec. 31st and then after Dec. 31st, there will be no additional yearbooks available for purchase.

Yearbooks must be purchased at the website; there will be no cash or check orders.

No extras are being purchased, so you must pre-order.

To order, go to www.yearbookforever.com and enter White House High School in the search option and follow the prompts.

Senior Tribute Ads

In addition, senior parents or businesses can purchase ads. Go to the same website and select the ads option from the bottom of the page. You can build your own, or have us build it for you, but in either case you must scan or upload digital images. There are up to 12 pictures for a full page and 6 pictures for a half-page tribute ad.

The deadline for tribute ads is Dec. 31st.

Business Ads

Business ads are also available for any organization, however White House High School will not accept advertisements with regards to alcohol, tobacco, gambling or wagering, firearms or weapons and/or any advertisements promoting inappropriate conduct. White House High School reserves the right to review and accept or reject any advertisement.

The deadline for business ads is Dec. 31st.

Photo Information

School Photos are taken by Lifetouch. The next and final school date for photos or retakes is Tuesday, Nov. 16th during lunch and BDP. This will be the final opportunity to have a picture taken for the yearbook for staff and underclassmen freshmen through juniors.

Seniors who did not have a photo session completed with Lifetouch for formal and cap and gown should contact Lifetouch immediately to schedule a session at their office at this website.

There will not be another senior session at WHHS this year.

Seniors turning in casual photos for their quote and signature will be done in December through a Google form in their student GroupMe.

Yearbook Theme

The 2021-22 White House High School yearbook is entitled Blue Devil Times, and the theme will feature a newspaper-style media theme throughout the book chosen by students, and designed by Megan Thompson, Marley Hyde, Genesis Velasquez and Justine Lowe.

The cover design will be available soon and is in production.

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    • Hey Ann! We extended it a little bit more and are going to send out more info with students and to parents. But you can go to yearbook forever.com and still order through January 12th! 😉

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