Q&A: Tell me more about the BDP Family Experience!

By Kris Freeman for White House High School

The BDP Family Experience is set for Thursday, February 10th at White House High School.

Parents and students alike will have an opportunity to learn about WHHS and all the school has to offer with a look forward to the 2022-23 school year. The doors open for the event on campus at 6 p.m., and we are excited to welcome parents and students back on campus after last year’s experience was held virtually through the website.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

  1. What is included in this event?

Included in the event will be pathway presentations for programs for AP classes, a robotics demonstration, STEM pathways, and a walk through the building to meet individuals who make White House High School happen each and every day. It’s from 6-8 p.m.

2. Who should come?

Parents and students of all incoming 2022-23 high school attendees at WHHS. This includes eighth grade students currently at White House Middle School and new students who have moved into the area and are registered or planning to register at White House High School.

3. What is the dress code?

Everyone should dress casual and comfortable, and our staff will be decked out in White House blue and white spirit gear and school logos. Remember, there is some moving around the building, so be prepared to dress to be on your feet or be mobile throughout the event.

4. Can our entire family attend?

Yes, this is a family event. While it is designed for parents of high school students and incoming students themselves, we know you’re siblings of students or younger children will be excited to be there too.

5. How will we know where to go and what to do?

Parents and students will also receive a passport with schedule, map of the school, contact information for administration and guidance, and other tools to assist with the event.

6. I am a parent of a senior, or a senior at White House High School. Should I attend?

Attendance for seniors and senior parents is not required. However, there may be questions about college preparation, career plans and future considerations that our guidance office could answer for you. Seniors are welcome to stop by guidance and check in.

7. I need to speak with my student’s classroom teacher about academics, behavior or expectations in the classroom regarding the current academic school year. Can I do this?

Parents are reminded that if you need to speak with a classroom instructor or administrator about the current academic year or performance in the classroom, this should be scheduled at a separate time or during parent-teacher conference. On this night, our staff and teachers will be meeting new students, parents and discussing our programs.

8. Where should we enter?

You can enter in the main building entrance at the front door, or also at the annex. Depending on where you plan to start could determine your parking and entrance location. Your passport will contain a map and schedule, but most families will start in the main building. There is no required time or location you must enter.

9. What will we learn from teachers and staff?

There is so much information we have to share with you that we can’t fit it all in here.

You can meet teachers, administrative staff, guidance counselors, walk through classrooms and facilities, meet coaches, club representatives, discuss general education plans and explore career pathways in CTE (career and technical education) and find out about the student organizations a part of our school. There will be demonstrations, opportunities for questions, some great White House gear and more!

10. You didn’t answer my question!

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See you Thursday!

For more information on the BDP Family Experience, be sure to log on to the official website at whh.sumnerschools.org

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