Soccer: Devils shut out Panthers

By Kris Freeman for White House High School

WHITE HOUSE – A tough start to the season came to a sweet turn around Friday night when the White House Blue Devils picked up their first win of the year and first shutout of the year in a 4-0 victory over Portland.

The Panthers were shut down by the Devils back line and in goal, and senior Justin Southall picked up a hat trick with three goals and an assist and Wesley Moore added a goal and an assist.

The Blue Devils led 1-0 at the half and then blitzed the Panthers with three cashed into the net within the first 10 minutes of the second half to put the game away.

Adan Salazar also added an assist and one goal in the game was solo.

The back line of Baylor Burrow, Haden Cooper, Maverick Mason and Dakota Holland kept the Panthers off the threat in the scoring zone and goal keeper Jonathan Sutton joined them for the team’s first zero notched in the defensive column.

White House is 1-5 for the year.

The White House junior varsity team picked up a 2-1 over Portland in the game held before varsity action.

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