Class Values

Values matter in Coach Freeman’s class. We are on a mission to raise students into great citizens and community/family leaders.We value each other.

  1. We value each other.

Every person is important and every voice matters. Students in the classroom should be respected and valued regardless of age, gender, race or ethnic background, religion or culture. We seek to create an atmosphere of celebration and honor where even those with challenges are championed to succeed.

2. We value technology.

Technology is powerful and it is dangerous. Values represent both the positive and negative impact of our resources on our lives and our students will learn netiquette, social media principles, safety and security when using the technology provided to us.

3. We value community.

The community of White House is a growing family of diverse backgrounds with opportunities to impact the world. We realize as students and teachers that our decisions and projects in the classroom can make a huge impact on school culture, community pride and national, international and global success as our students emerge from their academic careers to lead families, businesses and organizations for many years to come.

4. We value our self-worth.

The first person to lead is the one a student sees in the mirror daily. We seek to foster an environment where students see their self-worth as valuable, important and as a contributor to the overall culture of the school and community. We want to create peer networks with safe avenues for difficult topics and generate a rigorous academic environment where students are empowered to lead.

Photographer Sarah Wright
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